Infinity Events loves the Infinite Moment

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The Infinite Moment is something that, if you decide to let Infinity Events do your wedding, you will hear us talk about a lot! One of my goals as a wedding planner is to help you and your fiancé find those quirky things about you that make you special! We find them and incorporate them in one way or another in your wedding details. These little things are the touches that make your big day more than tables, chairs and flowers. These are the touches that make your wedding not a cookie cutter wedding just like everyone else you’ve ever known. These touches are what make your day special and YOURS.

Here are a few examples of easy ways to include an Infinite Moment in your big day.

Favors | Favors are a cool way to involve your interests, family and even history! Don’t give out silly nothings for no reason when you can give out something that will make folks remember the awesome time they had witnessing the love between you and your spouse! (& don’t worry, it doesn’t have to break the bank to be creative!)

Quotes | Quotes are a fabulous way to incorporate your personality and the story of your relationship into your day in a more subtle way. Handwritten calligraphy signage is all the rage right now, and adding a quote that means something to you will add that little extra something to your big day, and will be forever documented in your photographs! 

Music | Everyone knows about the staple songs that you have to have for the reception like first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, etc. What some people don’t think about are the places in the reception that CAN have a specific song, but don’t necessarily have to. If you and your fiancé have several songs that mean something to you, you CAN incorporate them into your day.. Now let me be clear, this Infinite Moment is probably just for your benefit, but ANYTHING that is sentimental to your and your spouse is never a waste of time or money.. (another thing I always say lol)

Last Dance | This is something that I do with every couple. I have had a few brides think they didn’t want to at first, but have never had anyone regret doing this. It’s a beautiful moment for you, and logistically FABULOUS for your coordinator!

This very last, very private dance with your new spouse is a beautiful and authentic moment that gives you a moment that make “the whole world disappears when I am with you” a reality… not to mention some fantastic photos!

The ultimate Infinite Moment wedding: Kaitlin and Kyle

Kaitlin and Kyle’s quirky traits were so much fun to work with when doing their Spring 2017 wedding at the Balinese Ballroom in downtown Memphis. Throughout this post are some of their little touches that we were able to use to showcase their personality as a couple, not to mention their EPIC first dance song! Kaitlin & Kyle decided to surprise their guests with a acoustic cover of “You Can Have Whatever You Like” performed by two of their friends! It was amazing!

All in all, the Infinite Moment is that thing that makes your guests say “Wow only THEY would do that”; it’s the thing that makes your wedding different from everyone else in a way that only you can do. Your future spouse loves YOU for your uniqueness, personality & internal beauty, so let us help you celebrate that! Infinity Events believes that every bride is unique and we help you add your personally (and those quirky things that you love about one another) into the biggest day of your life.

Kaitlin & Kyle’s Vendor Team

Planner | Infinity Events
Photographer | Jon Sharman Photography
Venue | Balinese Ballroom
Florist | L & Jay Productions 
DJ | DJ Rockin’ A
Rentals | Party Connection
Cake | Cakes by Carolyn

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Ashtyn & Demian’s Surprise Vow Renewal!

Hello Gorgeous!

I count myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have been involved in this sweet love story… and not for just anyone, but for my best friend. This whole journey was so incredibly special to me. Ashtyn & Demian, you will never know how much you have blessed my life. 

Last year, Ashtyn & Demian got married in Phoenix Arizona after a whirlwind romance. They were one of those couples that you see very rarely….

One where there is no doubt to anyone that they have found their person… Their lobster… Their soulmate.

Even through some of the growing pains 🙂 Their wedding was very small, family only. (Thank you to Trent for FaceTiming me in!) 

Ashtyn & Demian decided to get married at the Justice of the Peace so they could take their time and save up for a destination wedding celebration & not waste any time not being together. But circumstances are just that and life happens… and those plans for a destination wedding got put on the back burner. After talking with Ashtyn a bunch, she decided to allow me to help her throw a smaller celebration here in Memphis… A real testament to who Ashtyn & Demian are as a couple.. SO FUN! The celebration was to be set up & designed like a casual rehearsal dinner at Ashtyn’s favorite Memphis spot, BB King’s! 

A few months later, I get a call from Demian. (Yes folks, this is where this whole thing starts to get epic!) He said that he needed my help creating a fairytale secret ceremony for his bride, my best friend! I cannot tell you how 100% in I was from the end of that very first conversation! What an incredible thing to do for his wife!

I am so in love with the way that Demian loves our sweet Ashtyn! (And yes, I did tell him how easy it is to make a pregnant lady cry!) I took his idea and ran with it! 

So as soon as I got off the phone with Demian, I called Ashley to tell her about how amazing the whole thing was! We immediately got Amber in the loop and started thinking through the logistics of keeping a wedding a secret from the bride! Let me tell you, Ashtyn, Ashley, Amber & I are quite the group. There are no other group of women in my life that I feel closer to in mind, spirit, humor and heart. I love these women so deeply! (Thank You to Alpha Gamma Delta for bringing us all together.) 

 There are obviously several challenges that are inevitable when trying to plan a secret wedding! I want to touch on two problems. One as a friend and one as a Wedding Planner. The first challenge was Ashtyn’s attire. Remember, Ashtyn knows about the BB King’s part of the celebration, but not the wedding celebration. She had picked out this gorgeous and saucey white dress for the BB King’s part, but it definitely wasn’t a gown. The girls and I decided to try and let Ashtyn wear a piece of each of us. Luckily, Ashtyn & Ashley are about the same size… except the height! (Ashtyn is a shorty!) 

“Being part of Ashtyn’s surprise ceremony was a DREAM! Ashtyn ended up wearing my dress and what made this even more special is that Ashtyn’s late mother borrowed her best friend’s wedding gown also. To have the opportunity to share a special piece of my wedding day with my friend was indescribable. We are also fortunate enough to have Emma in our circle to organize the event. She’s a go-getter with an eye for details and genuine care, concern for the bride and groom’s day. Emma made all the difference in making this special event happen for Ashtyn and Demi!” – Ashley Booth

Amber is also about to get married in November, so Ashley had a great guise to get all of Ashtyn’s measurements. AND it looked like Ashley’s wedding gown would work for her! (pending the size heals she would need) Check! We then were able to add in a piece of Emma and Amber to her attire. She would wear my veil and Amber’s earrings! Check! Check! Let’s just acknowledge the amazing fact that Amber allowed Ashtyn to wear her wedding day earrings… before she even wore them! How special is that! I love that Ashtyn had a piece of each of us on her big day. It really made us feel a part of this beautiful story. What we didn’t know, and found out while she was getting ready, is that her mother actually wore her best friend’s wedding gown on her wedding day. What a God thing this was! So incredibly special! 

“When Emma told me what she and Demian had planned for Ashtyn, I knew I wanted to be a part of her special (SURPRISE) day! She was wearing Ashley’s wedding dress, Emma’s veil…so, naturally, I wanted her to have something from my upcoming wedding. I had just gotten my earrings a few days prior to Ashtyn’s wedding so it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. I love the fact that someone I love had an opportunity to put them to use (why just make those lovely things sit in a box for months waiting on my wedding?)…and she wore them well!” – Amber Crawford

The other difficulty I encountered as the Planner of this secret event was working with all of the vendors and their contracts. Luckily, we chose some amazing vendors that truly love love, and bought into this whole surprise! Basically every vendor had to make two contracts; one that Ashtyn could see and one that she couldn’t. Honestly, it was humorous, but so worth it. I couldn’t have kept this secret without the incredible cooperation of these vendors! 

So here was the plan! On Friday night, we would have a girls night…Take her out downtown and stay in a hotel together. We would tell her that Demian and the girls planned her a wedding photoshoot so they could get real wedding photos. We would show her the outfit and hope she didn’t figure out the rest. Then, 3eight photography would arrive mid-morning to take “getting ready photos”, and then we would take her to the Woodruff-Fontaine House. There, her dad would hide right along the path we would be walking her to her “Photo Shoot”, and then he would continue to walk her down the aisle to Demian. (It was a beautiful ceremony performed by her twin brother, Trent!) After the ceremony, they would get family wedding day photos and of course, the Bridal Photo Shoot. The BB KIng’s reception would follow a few hours after the ceremony, giving Ashtyn time to change into that adorable dress she bought for the occasion.

I couldn’t believe it, but we pulled it off! She was actually surprised up until the very moment they began walking down the aisle!

Dear Ashtyn & Demian,
I cannot thank you two enough for allowing me to be a part of your day! This experience was incredible to be a part of, and I will forever count it as one of the most special weddings I have ever been a part of. Ashtyn, It makes my heart glow to see you so happy and with your soulmate. Demian, Thank you for loving my friend the way you do. It makes me love you all the more!
Love, Emma & The Infinity Events Team

List of Vendors
Photographer: 3eight Photography
Venue: Woodruff-Fontaine House
Tent: Classic Party Rentals
Rentals: Party Connection
Florist: L & Jay Productions
Hotel: Sheraton Downtown
Planner: Infinity Events


Styling Storybook Chic with the Pink Bride!

Hello Gorgeous!

September 2016 was a big month for us at Infinity Events. Of course by that, I mean my husband and myself. This was the month that we took the plunge and finally decided to invest in advertisement with the Pink Bride. It was a scary step in the life of Infinity Events, but I would like to say on the record that it has been SOO WORTH IT! 

(ps. You likely recognize this gem here, Mandy Martin, has been with us since this photo was taken!)

I was thrilled when asked to style the photoshoot for the February issue alongside the gorgeous Meredith Corning, and want to share a little about the experience. The first and biggest thing that I want to say is how honored I am to have worked with these amazing vendors on this project. It was beautiful finished product, and so much fun to see each vendor do what they do best!

It was fabulous getting to know some other amazing folks in the industry and learn their stories. Like Kamesha Richards of Ava Loren Design. When Kamesha and I finally connected for long enough to actually brainstorm about the coming shoot, we chatted for almost 2 hours. We just clicked. 🙂

It was really amazing to get to talk with someone else who I felt like understood my passion because they shared it with me. I shared with her the inspiration for the shoot, and it was very clear that she and I shared a similar vision. It very easily came together with textured greens and “precious pops” to accent the luxe linen from Elegant Chair Solutions and the amazing venue, Hunt Phelan.

Of course there were friends that were a part of this project too. I always love spending time with these sweet people who I truly believe bless my life every time we get to work together. Two of which are Wanda Hunsaker of Hunt Phelan & Michael Strickland of Mahaffey Tent.

I did my first full plan wedding at Hunt Phelan, and got to know Wanda & Trip through that amazing experience. Michael has always been one of my most supportive friends in the industry. (Thank you for always believing in me.)

It was with the collaboration of all of these amazing vendors that we were able to take imagination and make it a reality. I want to go into this concept a bit here… My favorite part of what I do is learning my couple’s vision and creating reality from that. A HUGE piece of this process that I think many planners tend to overlook is the relationship. Not just the relationship between the Bride and Groom, but the one between the couple, family & planner! Obviously part of choosing your planner is seeing if their past work is in line with your tastes, but I think that there is more to it than that.

A planner’s past work should not really depict the planner’s taste, but the tastes of the couple they are working with. It is a challenge, but one of my favorite parts of the process!

Dear Meredith & The Pink Bride,
Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this shoot. I so enjoyed having the freedom to interpret the concepts into a reality with you and our team. I hope to be a part of this again!
Emma and The Infinity Events Team

Gorgeous Vendor Team:

Photo Shoot Stylist: Infinity Events
Gowns/Dresses: Ballew Bridal and Formal
Venue: Hunt Phelan
Tuxes/Suits: American Tuxedo
Photographer: Lyndsi Metz Photography
Hair/MUA: Kiss & Makeup
Videographer: Dreams Film Company
Models: DGA Models & Talent
Floral Design: Ava Loren Design
Catering & Dessert Bar: The Kitchen at Shelby Farms
Special Effects: Perfection DJs
Transportation: Memphis Wedding Car
Linens: Elegant Chair Solutions
Rentals: Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Hello Gorgeous!

If you have read my other posts, then you have heard a little about the very first couple who booked Infinity Events (even before it had a name)! I am so proud to call them both my friends and am so lucky that these two saw something in me from the beginning.

Tyler and Whitney’s wedding was beautiful, simple, and all about love. They reached out to family and friends who helped put things together and keep their cost down. Early in the day, there was a whole crew in one of the rooms at the church putting the flowers together… which turned out beautifully! They also hand crafted their arch that was the sole decor on the stage. All I can say is… swoon…

Tyler and Whitney’s first look was to die for. Absolutely precious! One of the biggest blessings of what I do is getting to be a part of that moment… so special and authentic! So many brides freak out if it starts to rain on their wedding day, but not Whitney! She was so gracious! The photographers were able to embrace it and get some gorgeous pictures of the bride and groom AND the rain! These are some of the coolest photos ever, and the bride and groom never got wet! They say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, well Tyler and Whitney are a great example!

Whitney’s mom did a fabulous job DIY-ing for the reception. She turned the whole lobby of the church into a reception hall! And that cake! Anyone who knows Tyler at all can appreciate the little Spidey coming out! Love it!

Whitney & Tyler,
I cannot thank you guys enough so allowing me to be a part of your special day! I am forever grateful that you got the Infinity ball rolling, and ultimately helped me realize my passion in life. Thank you Tyler and Whitney, for everything. Love you both!
P.S. You guys are going to be amazing parents, and I cannot wait to see your 1st little one make your family a party of 3!
Emma & The Infinity Events Team

Whitney & Tyler’s Gorgeous Vendor Team:

Venue: Living Hope Christian Church
Catering: Cindy Krag Catering
Photography: Elizabeth Wiggs Photography
Flowers: Family & Friends
Officiant: Greg Gibson


Infinity Events has love for the Budget Bride!

Hello Gorgeous! 

I have a heart for the Budget Bride because I was one! My goal here is to help you all save where you can and help you avoid costly mistakes. Whether you choose to work with a professional or not, these tips will help set the budget bride on a path for success. We love LOVE, and we hope that these tips can help someone’s best day ever be just that.

1. Location Location Location 

Especially when you are working with a planner or designer, a bare bones, inexpensive venue is your best friend! There are so many brides who are scared of the fact that these venues may not come with all the glam, but I have found that creating your dream from nothing is much more satisfying and typically less expensive! The venues that have so much to offer are beautiful, but typically come with a lot of rules that make staying at a lower budget very difficult. The budget bride’s goal should absolutely be to find a venue that gives her freedom… Freedom to pick her own vendors and freedom to decorate as she pleases. 

2. For God’s sake, do not believe everything you see on Pinterest! 

First, let me be clear, Pinterest can be extremely deceptive! I always tell my brides that if you fall in love with something on Pinterest, run it by me first and I will tell her if it is actually doable and within her budget! There are so many posts that will read “Cheap DIY…” and it will sooo not be true! Please remember that money is relative, and what is cheap for some, may not be for you… You may also find beautiful set ups that you want to use for your big day that were set up for a posed photo shoot, and are not even close to being actually useful! Remember before you fall in love, think through the functionality of these ideas and/or the logistics of making it happen. Many times there are hidden costs here that will sneak up on you! 

Just search “Failed Pinterest” in the search bar… it is honestly hilarious! When you are working with a planner, we try to help you avoid those mishaps that will inevitably cost you money. Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas, but I encourage you to work with your planner to create something from that inspiration that works for you.

3. Make the ordinary seem extraordinary

Like I said before, Pinterest can be tricky, but there are great ways to utilize this popular site! Pinterest is great at showing you how to make little ordinary trinkets into touches that will make your wedding day Timeless, Memorable, and Infinite. My first outing when working with a bride who is open to this concept is to stop into thrift stores and antique shops! These can be great places to find some inspiration. I would even suggest having Pinterest open on your phone to look at how other people have used these types of items in wedding decorations.

Before you know it, your eyes will open to all types of possibilities with these little nothings… and they become priceless! 

Don’t be afraid to be different! The differences in your big day are what set you apart and are the pieces that people tend to remember the most. When you are at these little shops, or places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, TJMaxx, or even Walmart, and you see something that strikes an idea but is “off the beaten path”… I encourage you to think about doing it! Odds are you won’t regret a detail that screams your personality! Infinity Events believes in the uniqueness of each couple, and will help you make those fleeting thoughts a reality! We believe in creating Infinite Moments that the couple will remember forever! 

4. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try on gowns that are over your budget

Seriously Budget Brides… This is asking for disaster. And I don’t mean disaster to your wedding day because you will be absolutely beautiful in the perfect dress for YOU. I mean disaster to your sweet heart! Let’s just say there is a reason why they cost more… They will make you fall in love with them when you can’t buy it. Take it from me. It is so hard to find another perfect dress once you have put “the one” on.

So how do you fix this mistake? It is truly a shift in paradigm that is necessary at this point. Yes, it was a pretty dress, but the key to YOUR perfect day is that perfect dress for YOU, and that includes finding one in your budget. (or being willing to change that budget… but that is a different story) Breathe, Take a week or so, and then go out dress shopping again… this time only looking within your budget. 

You will find the perfect dress. You will be absolutely beautiful… timeless. And everything will be great for the big day when you marry the love of your life! ❤  

5. DIY! 

DIY is all the rage right now, and rightly so! Anything that you can make for less than buying is probably worth it. There is also a sense of pride and ownership that goes along with a DIY wedding. A good planner will help you figure out what is DIY-worthy and help you complete these tasks. Sometimes, I have craft night with my brides and they can invite bridesmaids or whoever along. Make a night of it… DIY memories! 

Caution! Sometimes websites (cough cough like Pinterest) will tell you something is easy DIY and lie! Before you go out and buy all of the materials for a project, make sure you research the logistics and ensure they are within your abilities. This mistake can be costly for the budget bride!
The great thing about websites like Pinterest is that many of the posts link to a blog of someone else going through the motions for you. I urge you to read the post in full. Sometimes they will warn you against mistakes they made while doing the project. I always try and find something like this when starting a new, potentially complicated, DIY task!!


The Perks of a Planner in Your Pocket

Hello Gorgeous!

I am so excited to get started with this blog because of one main reason and here it is: These brides bring my life blessings and I want to share their stories! The part of what I do that gives me energy and inspiration is getting to know these couples and getting to witness their unique relationships.

The part of what I do that gives me energy and inspiration is getting to know these couples and getting to witness their unique relationships.

A little back story of how I got here… Some friends of ours, Tyler and Whitney, hired me to coordinate their wedding for them before Infinity Events existed because they could see potential and believed in me. (Don’t worry, you will hear about that story in full when I get to their sweet marriage post!) Infinity Events began on true love, relationships and belief in others, and those are some of the main principles on which I do business.

Karen hired me for Extended Coordination shortly after I established myself as a small business. Even though she wasn’t my first bride to sign with me, she was the first wedding that came along. (For more information about what Extended Coordination entails, send me a message through my website!) Everything was going pretty smoothly for her, and she found a venue (which will remain nameless) that bundled nearly her whole reception for her! About a month before the date, the venue called to say that they were terminating all contracts, and keeping deposits! She was crushed, and called me to ask if I could help her put the reception back together. My heart went out to her 100%… Of course I will help!

She was crushed, and called me to ask if I could help her put the reception back together. My heart went out to her 100%… Of course I will help!

​​With extremely limited finances, and even more limited time, we worked to make this reception perfect! As vendors, we all came together helping with pricing where we could and executed the Bride’s vision within her budget. It was incredibly evident to me that God had his hand on so many pieces of this account. He had his hand on me… Showing me that I was meant for this… That even with that stressful and potentially detrimental situation, I loved what I was doing and came through it with flying colors. God has his hand on Karen and David… Giving them calm during those last few weeks and faith that I would come through for them. He had his hand on the vendors… Speaking to their hearts about the situation so that everyone pulled together on the Bride and Groom’s behalf.

Dear Karen & David,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your day. Thank you for trusting me with your situation and having faith in me when I was so new. You made me realize that this venture is not only worth my time, but God’s intention for my life. Your love is an inspiration to me, and I wish you all of the happiness in the world.
Emma & the Infinity Events Team

Karen & David’s Gorgeous Vendor Team

Ceremony – Memphis Botanic Garden
Reception – The Balinese Ballroom
Catering & Bar – The Balinese Ballroom
Rentals – Party Connection
Flowers – Kellie Evans 
Cake – Frost Bake Shop