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Hotel How To's

Hello Gorgeous! As wedding planners, we believe it is a HUGE part of our jobs to help educate our couples about the little things that make up a successful event. Let’s discuss a little bit about hotel room blocks. This is something that many clients forget about until closer to the date. It certainly doesn’t feel like the most glamorous part of the wedding … Read More Hotel How To's

Setting the Scene (or table)

Hello Gorgeous! We talk to so many couples who either don’t know what a place setting includes or don’t understand the impact they can have at a wedding. So, let’s chat about it! Obviously, there is a lot more to an event’s design than just the place settings, but they are commonly an overlooked piece of a wedding. There are so many details and … Read More Setting the Scene (or table)

Sarah & Kyle’s Rain-or-Shine Wedding

Hello Gorgeous! There are lots of variables involved with a wedding. You’ve got travel, dresses, food, music, family and friends, and of course, weather. For some cities, like L.A. or Seattle, couples generally know what the weather will be on their wedding day because their city has about one type of weather. But those of us in the mid south know that weather can … Read More Sarah & Kyle’s Rain-or-Shine Wedding

Painless Rehearsal Tips!

Hello Gorgeous!  For all you folks out there who have be in a wedding, you understand the behind the scenes are stacked with LOTS of to do lists and “necessary beasts” that must be tended to. Fittings, tastings, and of course, the dreaded Rehearsal night! But we are here to let you know that this particular beast can be tamed! When you hire a … Read More Painless Rehearsal Tips!


Home is Wherever I’m with You

Hello Gorgeous!  For this wedding flashback, we wanna take you back. Way back! To October of 2015! Ladies and Gents, let’s go back to Infinity Event’s first full plan wedding! This was Jessica and Caleb’s “Home” themed wedding! To explain this theme, we must first tell you a little about this couple. Caleb was active duty military when he proposed, and he and Jessica knew they would be … Read More Home is Wherever I’m with You

“Must Shares” with Your Planner

Hello Gorgeous!  So, you’ve just gotten engaged! You’ve shared the news with friends and family. You’ve even spoken to your wedding party and started on your guest list! But the stress, and sometimes panic, is already bubbling? Then one night it comes to you; you realize you need a planner! That’s where we come in! Sometimes bride and grooms aren’t entirely sure how to set themselves and their wedding planner up for … Read More “Must Shares” with Your Planner

Merry & Bright, indeed!

Hello Gorgeous!  Emily & Michael were such an amazing and fun couple to work with, and even though they didn’t, I knew their vision for their day went hand in hand with the holiday spirit. In this case, a rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party! The very first time we met, Emily told me that she liked winter weddings, all things sparkly and had a … Read More Merry & Bright, indeed!


Kaylee & DJ’s Dreamy Oxford Wedding

Hello Gorgeous! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Oxford, Mississippi? Is it football? I thought it might be. But what if I told you my first thought is quickly becoming, “Weddings!”? Getting to work with Kaylee and DJ on their dream wedding was such a fantastic Oxford experience!  Oxford has a wonderful small town charm that makes just an … Read More Kaylee & DJ’s Dreamy Oxford Wedding

Infinity Events loves the Infinite Moment

Hello Gorgeous! The Infinite Moment is something that, if you decide to let Infinity Events do your wedding, you will hear us talk about a lot! One of my goals as a wedding planner is to help you and your fiancé find those quirky things about you that make you special! We find them and incorporate them in one way or another in your … Read More Infinity Events loves the Infinite Moment


Ashtyn & Demian’s Surprise Vow Renewal!

Hello Gorgeous! I count myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have been involved in this sweet love story… and not for just anyone, but for my best friend. This whole journey was so incredibly special to me. Ashtyn & Demian, you will never know how much you have blessed my life.  Last year, Ashtyn & Demian got married in Phoenix … Read More Ashtyn & Demian’s Surprise Vow Renewal!


Styling Storybook Chic with the Pink Bride!

Hello Gorgeous! September 2016 was a big month for us at Infinity Events. Of course by that, I mean my husband and myself. This was the month that we took the plunge and finally decided to invest in advertisement with the Pink Bride. It was a scary step in the life of Infinity Events, but I would like to say on the record that … Read More Styling Storybook Chic with the Pink Bride!


Rain on Your Wedding Day

Hello Gorgeous! If you have read my other posts, then you have heard a little about the very first couple who booked Infinity Events (even before it had a name)! I am so proud to call them both my friends and am so lucky that these two saw something in me from the beginning. Tyler and Whitney’s wedding was beautiful, simple, and all about … Read More Rain on Your Wedding Day