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What a crazy, uncertain and overall tough time we are living in right now. The COVID19 Pandemic is affecting weddings everywhere, and it may seem difficult to you, your family, and your friends to put any focus at all on this new and exciting chapter in your lives as a couple. We understand your pain, we want to help you through it, and we are ready to celebrate this huge Infinite Moment with you.

In the meantime, however, let’s talk through how to be as smart as you can in these uncertain times. Here are some tips from the Certified Wedding Planners at Infinity Events about how to get through the COVID19 crisis while on your wedding planning journey.

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Let’s Remember the Reason

First and foremost, we want to remind you that through it all, you are still promised to marry your person! Your lobster. Your best friend. Your forever. These are huge promises and this is a very exciting time in your life and in your love story. We have seen couples who, during this world crisis, find themselves saying, “what’s the point,” and we are here to tell you that your partner in life is, indeed, the point. Remember why you’re engaged and why you love each other. Hold tight to that during this insanity, and we will all get through this.

Also, we would like to go on record as an advocate for postponements, rather than cancelations. There is something to be said about gathering together with your closest friends and family to celebrate something as big as a wedding. Postponement due to a global pandemic can be a part of the story, if you let it. Some couples are choosing to get married on a much smaller scale, with respect to social distancing, and having the larger celebration at a later date. We think that is a beautiful expression of love as well, and we can totally get behind that!

Let’s Remain Informed

Something that all couples and wedding vendors are trying desperately to do is to stay informed of the ever-changing situation around the COVID19 pandemic. Here are some of the resources that we have been keeping our eyes on. We wanted to share them with you all!

·      CDC Disease Information

·      World Health Organization 

·      CDC Travel Information 

·      VeryWellHealth, Where is it Spreading? 

·      CDC Regarding Events & Mass Gatherings 

·      US Department of Labor 

Let’s Prepare a Plan of Action

The next step is to come up with a plan of action. Unfortunately, many couples, whose weddings were right at the beginning of this pandemic’s effects on society, were not granted the luxury of being able to create a plan of action and process what was happening to their dream day. Our wish is that, for those of you who still need to postpone your wedding, you will take the time to process through these emotions and pursue a plan of action that makes you as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances. Here are some of the considerations that will need to be made:

1.     A New Date | When choosing a new wedding date, consider your fiancé (duh), immediate family, wedding party and your vendor team. Seems like a lot, we know! The biggest thing to remember is that due to so many events having to be rescheduled, you might not be able to please everyone. These circumstances are, of course, different for every couple, so we suggest reaching out to your Certified Wedding Planner to talk through the best course of action with regards to rescheduling.

2.     Vendor Availability | First, we want to remind you that we, as your vendors, desire to be the very best team for you as possible. We are on YOUR side and want to make your wedding day, whenever it is, the best day! We understand that this is a very difficult time for you; and we understand your desire to keep the same dream team of vendors for your postponed wedding day. We want to encourage you to be as flexible as possible when rescheduling around the booked dates for all of your vendors. Many Saturdays, especially in peak months, will be booked already, so we encourage flexibility for Friday and Sunday weddings. You will likely even see some weekday weddings in the coming months for the same reason.

3.     Seasonal Design Decisions | Since so many spring weddings are being rescheduled to the fall, one of the considerations might be event design. Talk with your Event Designer, Florist and Certified Wedding Planner to discuss the adjustments that might need to be made to accommodate the new season.

4.     Any New Bookings | In the event that some of your current vendor team is not available for the chosen new wedding date, we advise all couples to not wait on booking the new replacement vendor. Because of circumstances outside of our control, vendors are being stretched to their maximum capacity with these rescheduled weddings. Make sure you secure your full vendor team as early as possible.  

5.     Anticipation of Additional Costs | When canceling or rescheduling individual vendor’s contracts, we want to advise you to be aware that there may be monetary penalties associated. As a vendor community, we all understand the situation at hand is no one’s fault and are trying to accommodate, within reason, as much as possible without penalty to the client. At the end of the day, however, we are running a small business that for many of us is our livelihood, and have to keep the health of the company in mind when making these decisions. We ask all couples to be understanding of the situation that we are in as well.

Let’s Ensure Communication

When rescheduling a wedding, one of the big challenges is how to best communicate the changes to your guests. There are a few ways to do that. Resending paper invitations is definitely an option for you, and it maintains the elegance factor that wedding invitation suites organically have. Minted Weddings has some beautiful “Postponed” or “Change the Date” options for you. Here is some advice directly from Minted Weddings, and make sure to check out their beautiful products.

–       Minted Tips for Planning during the Coronavirus

Other options for mass communication regarding rescheduling weddings include virtual invitations and blasts through your wedding website. Many stationary companies are extending their offerings into virtual invitations to accommodate as well. The reality is that you know your guests best. We advise that you talk through the different options with your Certified Wedding Planner, parents and fiancé to find the right solution for you.

Let’s Cherish the Infinite Moments

Here is the last piece of advice we want to share today, and it’s the most important piece, so please hear us. The chapter in your lives when you are engaged is a short one, with or without a global pandemic. Cherish this time with your future spouse.

“Three things you can’t recover in life: the Word after it’s said, the Moment after it’s missed, and the Time after it’s gone.”

The Infinity Events Team

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