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For many couples, the Wedding Day memories don’t just start at the ceremony, or even the family photos, but during the time that they get to spend with their Wedding Parties while they are getting ready. This is such a special time for both of them because the morning of the Wedding can be filled with so much love and support. How great is it to spend so much quality time with your best girls or closest guys and family members.

Photo by Snap Happy Photography

And the photos! #swoonworthy That closeness between friends and family is why these ‘getting ready’ photos are so much fun to take and to look back on later.

Photo by Snap Happy Photography

However, we would like to take a quick moment to point out a few things to remember when planning out the time before the Wedding on the Wedding Day. This is a tall soapbox for the Certified Wedding Planners at Infinity Events because the consequences for not taking this advice is totally (& easily) avoidable! Trust us, you’ll thank us later J

  • Drink SO much Water

As a Wedding Planning Team, we consider it our job to help you have the very best day ever. We can’t do it if the couples aren’t taking care of themselves. A huge part of this is hydration. Keeping yourself hydrated in the midst of the craziness that is a wedding day is the #1 key to having your perfect day.

Photo by Snap Happy Photography

Don’t get us wrong, we are pro-alcohol! This is not a “Don’t have a drink on your wedding day” PSA. However, it is of the utmost importance that every couple, and each member of the wedding party, partners their alcohol with water (& lots of it)! Take care of yourselves on your wedding day.

  • Plan for both Breakfast & Lunch

Though we occasionally have breakfast or brunch time weddings, the mass majority that we see are in the late afternoon or evening. It is a very busy day for everyone involved; lots of love, joy, laughter, emotions, smiling for photos, the occasional family drama, and adrenaline. With all of these factors, we find that most people don’t ‘feel’ hungry. With that in mind, we want to encourage you to plan for both breakfast and lunch for both yourselves and your wedding parties on your wedding day! You’ll likely not feel like eating, but we encourage you to make yourself eat something. (Think carbs and protein!) You need energy, something to coat your stomach and something to soak up any alcohol. Again, we can’t help you have the best day ever if you don’t take care of yourself. Don’t worry, your Infinity Events Certified Wedding Planner will help you in planning for this!

Photo by Snap Happy Photography

This is likely one of the biggest celebrations you will ever through for yourself, so let us ask you, don’t you want to remember every single Infinite Moment? We want you to cherish those memories forever!

Micah & Mark’s Gorgeous Vendor Team
Venue: The Gin at Nestbit
Coordination: Infinity Events
Photography: Snap Happy Photography
Videography: James Bickham
Entertainment: Almost Famous Band
Florals: Kacie Cooper Designs
Rentals: Elegant Chair Solutions & Mahaffey Tent
Catering: Thomas Meat Market
Hair Stylist: Wallace Ashley
Makeup Artist: Kasey Acuff
Photo Booth: Tin Can Rentals

Photo by Snap Happy Photography

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