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We talk to so many couples who either don’t know what a place setting includes or don’t understand the impact they can have at a wedding. So, let’s chat about it! Obviously, there is a lot more to an event’s design than just the place settings, but they are commonly an overlooked piece of a wedding. There are so many details and little touches that can add elegance and personalization to a place setting. Today let’s go through a few of the basic pieces that every couple can easily and affordably add to their wedding day décor.

Photo by Sara Ann Green Photography

1.     Chargers

A charger is essentially a plate for your plate! Honest to goodness, this might be the most important piece of a place setting. So much can be done with a simple charger. Unfortunately, they are one of the first pieces couples to cut from reception décor when finances become an issue. The logic being because they are strictly decorative. However, what we have found is that this small touch can add so much class for every budget! Additional ways to add to your place setting (other than the charger) include, but are not limited to, linen napkins, menus, thank you notes, favors, etc. The list goes on and on!

Photo by Persuasion Photography

2.     Linen Napkins

Linen napkins are an inexpensive way to elevate an event when directly compared to the standard paper napkins. Consider someone’s home that you know whose dining room table is always set. Don’t you feel important (& a little fancy) when you are invited to sit at their table, take part in their hospitality & use their beautiful linen napkins? Couples can provide that same hospitality to their guests on the wedding day. Not only is this an affordable way to elevate your wedding (We have seen linen napkin rentals start as low as $0.50 each!) but they are environmentally friendly to boot!

Josh and Aleah Photography

3.     Flatware

If you are serving a full meal at a reception, it is important to offer every guest a seat to enjoy their meal. When this is the case, having flatware on your tables helps complete your place settings. Even with a buffet, you can preset your reception with flatware to fill out the formality of your tables. This also frees up your guests’ hands to carry their plates or drinks to their seats. Remember, if you choose to have flatware at the table, it is important to adhere to the etiquette of setting the tables correctly. Your Certified Wedding Planner can ensure that your vision is executed perfectly with forks on the left and spoon & knife on the right.

Photo by Shelby Renee Photography

We know that planning a wedding can be a lot. There are so many moving pieces on a wedding day that event design often feels like the “easy” part. However, this is a huge undertaking. Considering that you, the VIPs, already have a ton on your plate, *Pun totally intended!* we encourage you to talk with your coordination or planning team about this piece. At Infinity Events, we have packages that are strictly for Event Design. They are curated to help you through this with ease not stress. Let’s chat!


The Infinity Events Team

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