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There are lots of variables involved with a wedding. You’ve got travel, dresses, food, music, family and friends, and of course, weather. For some cities, like L.A. or Seattle, couples generally know what the weather will be on their wedding day because their city has about one type of weather. But those of us in the mid south know that weather can change on a dime!

There’s a reason folks say, “If you don’t like the weather in Memphis, take a nap!” You could get dressed for the low fifties in the morning and by the afternoon it is in the nineties. Or in the case of this wedding, the day can begin with thunderstorms and flood warnings and end in rainbows and sunshine.

Sarah and Kyle had planned a beautiful wedding in October of 2017 at Kyle’s parent’s property on Pickwick lake. They had so many beautiful details planned out! From the many blues of the bridesmaids dresses, to the beautiful sound of bagpipes accompanying the bride down the aisle.

Yes! You read that right! Kyle’s family has Scottish heritage and they added touches of that rich history throughout the day. Kyle’s father wore a kilt for the ceremony. And the talented bagpipe player, Anne Katherine Vanlindingham, filled the air with song. RJ, their pup, wasn’t quite sure what to make of the music, but they got some great photos of him investigating.

Sarah had beautiful blue and white touches throughout the whole reception as well. She had been collecting the pieces over the years, and she says they are still decorating their house to this day. To keep with the Scottish touches, they had delicious food from the Collierville Scottish Pub, Highlander, owned by the groom’s family.

The family had already reserved a tent for the reception outside, and they would be able to fit the band and dinner tables under it. The main concern was what to do for the ceremony. They had planned for a breathtaking, lakeside arrangement. If it was going to storm as badly as expected, we would have to hold the ceremony inside the home. They had a beautiful round living room, but the worry was what to do with the bagpipes!? We planned for the worst case scenario, and held our breaths for a miracle.

We planned for the worst case scenario, and held our breaths for a miracle.

The morning of the wedding, we awoke to the same forecast. But with each passing hour, the storms seemed to be moving away. The tent was set up, the band began to arrive, the tables were set, and we all continued to pray the rain away. 

About an hour before the wedding, we called it. We were going to roll the dice and have the ceremony on the lawn by the lake. Myself and some of the caterers went out to wipe down the chairs (it had already rained that morning), and we cued the bagpipe player to start tuning. The ceremony went off without a drop of rain to speak of. There was even a great moment when a boat rode by in the ceremony and cheered on the couple. Afterwards, as the sun was setting, the couple stole away for some sunset photos, and a rainbow appeared! Talk about breathtaking!

Afterwards, as the sun was setting, the couple stole away for some sunset photos, and a rainbow appeared! Talk about breathtaking!

All in all, Sarah and Kyle had a beautiful, fun filled wedding! They were able to roll with the unpredictable punches and still enjoy their wedding day. They were able to relish in the joy of their love because they knew they were going to get married, regardless of lighting or thunder. So if this happens to you on your big day, try and take a page out of their book. It will make for a great story down the road!

Sarah & Kyle,
It was such an honor getting to be a part of your wedding! The grace with which you handled the stormy weather was truly inspiring. I am beyond happy that you all were one of my first weddings with Infinity Events. It was so fun getting to know you and your friends throughout the weekend. Your wedding was truly beautiful.

Thank you for trusting me with it.
Love, ​​​​


Sarah and Kyle’s Gorgeous Vendor Team

Planning | Infinity Events
Photography | Angela Zuill
Venue | Kyle’s parents’ home, Pickwick Lake
Tent & Other Rentals | M&M Event Rentals
Catering & Bar | Highlander Scottish Pub
Cake | Miss Muff’n Bakery
Band | Sensations Band
Florist | Sarah’s mom
Makeup | Amber Reed
Hair | Den Smith-Schaeffer at Tangles Midtown

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