Hello Gorgeous!

If you have read my other posts, then you have heard a little about the very first couple who booked Infinity Events (even before it had a name)! I am so proud to call them both my friends and am so lucky that these two saw something in me from the beginning.

Tyler and Whitney’s wedding was beautiful, simple, and all about love. They reached out to family and friends who helped put things together and keep their cost down. Early in the day, there was a whole crew in one of the rooms at the church putting the flowers together… which turned out beautifully! They also hand crafted their arch that was the sole decor on the stage. All I can say is… swoon…

Tyler and Whitney’s first look was to die for. Absolutely precious! One of the biggest blessings of what I do is getting to be a part of that moment… so special and authentic! So many brides freak out if it starts to rain on their wedding day, but not Whitney! She was so gracious! The photographers were able to embrace it and get some gorgeous pictures of the bride and groom AND the rain! These are some of the coolest photos ever, and the bride and groom never got wet! They say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, well Tyler and Whitney are a great example!

Whitney’s mom did a fabulous job DIY-ing for the reception. She turned the whole lobby of the church into a reception hall! And that cake! Anyone who knows Tyler at all can appreciate the little Spidey coming out! Love it!

Whitney & Tyler,
I cannot thank you guys enough so allowing me to be a part of your special day! I am forever grateful that you got the Infinity ball rolling, and ultimately helped me realize my passion in life. Thank you Tyler and Whitney, for everything. Love you both!
P.S. You guys are going to be amazing parents, and I cannot wait to see your 1st little one make your family a party of 3!
Emma & The Infinity Events Team

Whitney & Tyler’s Gorgeous Vendor Team:

Venue: Living Hope Christian Church
Catering: Cindy Krag Catering
Photography: Elizabeth Wiggs Photography
Flowers: Family & Friends
Officiant: Greg Gibson

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