Hello Gorgeous! 

I have a heart for the Budget Bride because I was one! My goal here is to help you all save where you can and help you avoid costly mistakes. Whether you choose to work with a professional or not, these tips will help set the budget bride on a path for success. We love LOVE, and we hope that these tips can help someone’s best day ever be just that.

1. Location Location Location 

Especially when you are working with a planner or designer, a bare bones, inexpensive venue is your best friend! There are so many brides who are scared of the fact that these venues may not come with all the glam, but I have found that creating your dream from nothing is much more satisfying and typically less expensive! The venues that have so much to offer are beautiful, but typically come with a lot of rules that make staying at a lower budget very difficult. The budget bride’s goal should absolutely be to find a venue that gives her freedom… Freedom to pick her own vendors and freedom to decorate as she pleases. 

2. For God’s sake, do not believe everything you see on Pinterest! 

First, let me be clear, Pinterest can be extremely deceptive! I always tell my brides that if you fall in love with something on Pinterest, run it by me first and I will tell her if it is actually doable and within her budget! There are so many posts that will read “Cheap DIY…” and it will sooo not be true! Please remember that money is relative, and what is cheap for some, may not be for you… You may also find beautiful set ups that you want to use for your big day that were set up for a posed photo shoot, and are not even close to being actually useful! Remember before you fall in love, think through the functionality of these ideas and/or the logistics of making it happen. Many times there are hidden costs here that will sneak up on you! 

Just search “Failed Pinterest” in the search bar… it is honestly hilarious! When you are working with a planner, we try to help you avoid those mishaps that will inevitably cost you money. Pinterest is great for inspiration and ideas, but I encourage you to work with your planner to create something from that inspiration that works for you.

3. Make the ordinary seem extraordinary

Like I said before, Pinterest can be tricky, but there are great ways to utilize this popular site! Pinterest is great at showing you how to make little ordinary trinkets into touches that will make your wedding day Timeless, Memorable, and Infinite. My first outing when working with a bride who is open to this concept is to stop into thrift stores and antique shops! These can be great places to find some inspiration. I would even suggest having Pinterest open on your phone to look at how other people have used these types of items in wedding decorations.

Before you know it, your eyes will open to all types of possibilities with these little nothings… and they become priceless! 

Don’t be afraid to be different! The differences in your big day are what set you apart and are the pieces that people tend to remember the most. When you are at these little shops, or places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, TJMaxx, or even Walmart, and you see something that strikes an idea but is “off the beaten path”… I encourage you to think about doing it! Odds are you won’t regret a detail that screams your personality! Infinity Events believes in the uniqueness of each couple, and will help you make those fleeting thoughts a reality! We believe in creating Infinite Moments that the couple will remember forever! 

4. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT try on gowns that are over your budget

Seriously Budget Brides… This is asking for disaster. And I don’t mean disaster to your wedding day because you will be absolutely beautiful in the perfect dress for YOU. I mean disaster to your sweet heart! Let’s just say there is a reason why they cost more… They will make you fall in love with them when you can’t buy it. Take it from me. It is so hard to find another perfect dress once you have put “the one” on.

So how do you fix this mistake? It is truly a shift in paradigm that is necessary at this point. Yes, it was a pretty dress, but the key to YOUR perfect day is that perfect dress for YOU, and that includes finding one in your budget. (or being willing to change that budget… but that is a different story) Breathe, Take a week or so, and then go out dress shopping again… this time only looking within your budget. 

You will find the perfect dress. You will be absolutely beautiful… timeless. And everything will be great for the big day when you marry the love of your life! ❤  

5. DIY! 

DIY is all the rage right now, and rightly so! Anything that you can make for less than buying is probably worth it. There is also a sense of pride and ownership that goes along with a DIY wedding. A good planner will help you figure out what is DIY-worthy and help you complete these tasks. Sometimes, I have craft night with my brides and they can invite bridesmaids or whoever along. Make a night of it… DIY memories! 

Caution! Sometimes websites (cough cough like Pinterest) will tell you something is easy DIY and lie! Before you go out and buy all of the materials for a project, make sure you research the logistics and ensure they are within your abilities. This mistake can be costly for the budget bride!
The great thing about websites like Pinterest is that many of the posts link to a blog of someone else going through the motions for you. I urge you to read the post in full. Sometimes they will warn you against mistakes they made while doing the project. I always try and find something like this when starting a new, potentially complicated, DIY task!!

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